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Kalavryta Ski Center
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Kalavryta is a historic town of Achaia country built at the height of 756 meters on the exact spot of the ancient Kynetha. Kalavryta is located 77 kms southeastern of Patras and in order to get there you can follow the road to Chalandritsa or the marvellous route Diakopto – Kalavryta by rack – railway.

The town of Kalavryta is well known not only for its contribution to the revolution of Greeks against the Turks in 1821, but also for the resistance during World War II, when the Germans burnt down Kalavryta and executed all the men over 13 years of age. On the left, above the town there is the “ Kapi” hill the execution of 1.200 men on 13-12-1943 took place.

Kalavryta is a mountain city, which is located just an hour away from the wonderful beaches of Korinthiakos Gulf and gives the chance to the visitor to combine for vacations, mountain and sea.

At Kalavryta you can find numerous hotels, guesthouses, cafes, restaurants and traditional taverns for the needs of all the visitors.

At Kalavryta, the visitor can find many interesting and important archeological, historical and religious monuments such as the Archeological site of Ancient Lousi, the Sacrifice spot of the people of Kalavryta with the statue of Greek mother, the Municipal Museum of the Holocaust, the Palace of Palaiologina, the Holy Monastery of Agia Lavra, the Holy Monastery of Mega Spileo, the Holy Monastery of Makellaria, the Holy Monastery of Saint Nikolaos Vlasias, the church of Panagia Plataniotissa and other small and big monuments which present the great history and the culture of the area.

Kalavryta/The historic monastery of Agia Lavra, 5 kms away from Kalavryta. It was founded in the 10th century by the hermit Athanasios Adonitis and burnt down by the Turks in 1585 and 1827 and by the Germans in 1943. Later on it was rebuilt on its todays position and form. The signal for the revolution was given in the monastery in 1821. The banner of the revolution is treasured there along with other historic objects and ceremonial utensils.

Kalavryta/Mega Spileo: It is built at the height of 924 meters, surrounded by a beutiful landscape. The icon of Mother Mary is treasured there, made of wax – gum and aromatics by Loucas the Evagelist. The walls of the church in the monastery are covered with damp since 1653. Significant handwritten gospels, vestments and reliquaries are also worth seeing.

The Archeological site of Ancient lousi is situated near the village Lousiko of Kalavryta Municipality.

The sacrifice spot is one of the special monuments of Kalavryta; it is situated eastern to the city, 500m from the center, at the Kapi hill on the way to the Ski Center. There, at the hill of Kapi on 13th of December 1943, were executed all men of age of 14 and above, by the German conquerors. Today, on the hill there is a large Cross.

The Municipal Museum of the Holocaust of the people of kalavryta is one of the most historical monuments of Kalavryta, a historic place which is connected to the German Domination period and mainly to the horrible tragedy of 13th of December of 1943.

Palaiologina’ s Palace is a restored building of rare beauty, of 15th century. It is located at Agiou Alexiou Street and travels the visitor to the ages when the glorious Palaiologi family lived.

Vouraikos Gorge-Odontotos (Rack) Railway. The rack railway of Diakopto-Kalavryta and its wonderful course in the gorge of Vouraikos River are one of the most beautiful sights of Greece and it is mentioned as the most spectacular railway course of the Balkans. The special feature of the gorge is the small train which crosses it.

Spileo Limnon (Limon Cave) is situated near the village Kastria of Lefkasiou Municipality, on the road of Patra-Kalavryta-klitoria-Tripoli. It is 17km away from Kalavryta city, 9km away from Klitoria and 60km away from Tripoli. The cave is a rare natural creation which offers labyrinthine corridors, mysterious galleries and special stalactites and stalagmites. It allocates repeated, terraced, three floored lakes which makes it very special globally.

The ski center of Kalavryta is situated 14km from Kalavryta city, it is very well organized and have 100.000 visitors every year, mainly young people, skiers of all levels.

The ski center allocates capacious spaces for parking, first aid services, two chalets, renting and selling equipment shop and two ski schools.

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