Learn about Kozani Prefecture

The prefecture of Kozani occupies the southern part of Western Macedonia and it borders to the prefectures of Kastoria, Florina, Pella, Imathia, Pieria, Larissa and Grevena.

Seat of the prefecture: Kozani
Prefecture population: 155.324 (2001 census)
Distance of the prefecture seat from Athens: 463 km

The main areas of the prefecture are: Kozani, Velvento, Neapoli, Ptolemaida, Servia, Siatista.

The majestic scenery, the spots of natural beauty, the interesting archaeological sites, the important historical monuments, the traditional settlements, the picturesque churches and the imposing monasteries, all attract the attention of the visitors.

The city of Kozani, seat of the prefecture, is the financial, administrative and transportation hub of Western Macedonia. Archaeological digs in the area have unearthed evidence that the area has been inhabited since the Prehistoric Era. In our days, Kozani, built on a plateau, is a modern, lively city with many points of interest.

The city features many modern buildings, squares and parks. The Agios Dimitrios Park, extending around the church of Agios Dimitrios, the oldest church in Kozani, the Kiouri park and the municipal park, with a tourist kiosk and a rare game conservatory, certainly are quite impressive and a virtual "lung" for the city.

Close to the central square of the city, Nikis Square, is the City Hall and the church dedicated to St. Nicholas, a building of the 17th century, with an excellent wood-carved chancel screen, excellent murals and an imposing bell tower with a clock. You should also visit the churches of Agii Anargyri (The Holy Unmercenaries), Zoodochos Pigi (Fountain of Life) and the nun-monastery of Analipsi (Ascension) close to the city, famous for the carpets and woven articles made by the nuns.

Kozani also has an Archaeological Museum, Folk Arts, Historical and Physics Museum, as well as a Museum of Late Local History. The Koventarios Library of Kozani is home to more than 153.000 books and more than 380 manuscripts and it is the second biggest in Greece, after that of Athens. It is worth visiting the outdoors museum of Macedonian Struggle in Bourino.

Here you can admire mansions of a special architectural style, such as the mansion of Gr. Vourkas, of K. Vourtsoulis, and of G. Lassanis, as well as other buildings such as the "Drizio" Endowment and the "Valtadorio" High School.


Ptolemaida is an industrial town, with power production stations fuelled by the rich lignite fields in the area.

Neapoli, built on the banks of Aliakmonas River, enchants every visitor with its beautiful natural scenery. The monument of the Pasha of Mizari is there.

In Perdikas there are remnants of an ancient settlement, as well as a small museum that is home to an important finding of the area, the skeleton of a prehistoric elephant.

You should visit the impressive bridge of the artificial lake of Polyfyto in the area of Servia, the mansions with the traditional architectural style, the churches and the exhibition of fur items in Siatista. Also the monastery of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) in the picturesque town of Velventos, the church of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas) with important murals in the mountain village Katafygi, the arched bridge and the church of Agios (St.) Athanassios in Tsotili, the archaeological site of Eani and the protected settlement of Pentalofo.

The days of the Carnival in Kozani are very special and certainly it will be an unforgettable experience for whoever experiences it. The events and happenings start from "Tsiknopempti", 15 days before the last Carnival day. Enjoy the culinary creations of the area and taste traditional dishes, such as yaprakia (stuffed cabbage leaves), tsoukalakia (a type of stew), boubari (local delicacy) and the high quality cheese products and sweets of Kozani.

Visit the prefecture of Kozani with the interesting historical monuments, the important cultural activity, the warm hospitality of its residents and enjoy the incomparable beauty of the scenery.

How you can get here:

By road:

By bus: There is frequent daily service with KTEL busses to and from Athens and Thessalonica.

By car: You can get to Kozani by car:

The distance from Athens is 502 km.
The distance from Thessalonica is 141 km.
The distance from Patras is 447 km.
The distance from Ioannina is 229 km.

By train: There is railway service from Athens to Skydra ns Platy and from Thessalonica to Skydra.

By Air: Daily flights from the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport of Athens to the airport of Kozani.
USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS (Calling code for Greece 0030)

Municipality of Kozani 24610 50300
Kozani Hospital 24610 67600  
Kozani Police Dept. 24610 49860
Kozani Traffic Police 24610 23142
Kozani Bus Depot (KTEL) 24610 34454
Athens Bus Depot (KTEL) 210 5129308
Thessalonica Bus Depot (KTEL) 2310 522488
Kozani Railway Station 24610 36067  
Athens Railway Station (OSE) 210 5297777

Thessalonica Railway Station (OSE) 2310 517517
Kozani Airport 24610 36098
Eleftherios Venizelos (Athens) Airport 210 3530000
Kozani Taxi 24610 40500
Kozani Post Office (ELTA) 24610 24601
Archaeological Museum of Eani 24610 98551
Archaeological Museum of Kozani 24610 26210
Museum of Folk Art - National Historical Museum of Kozani 24610 33978
Koventarios Library of Kozani 24610 22245