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Learn about Karditsa Prefecture

The prefecture of Karditsa is the smallest of the 4 prefectures in Thessaly.

Seat of the prefecture: Karditsa
Prefecture population: 129.541 (2001 census)

Distance of the prefecture seat from Athens: 305 km

The main areas of the prefecture are: Karditsa, Plastiras lake, Kastania, Mavrommati, Morfovouni, Palamas.


The prefecture of Karditsa is a place with intense contrasts, combining the majestic mountainous range of Agrafa on the west with the vast Thessalic plain on the east.

The position of the prefecture in the centre of mainland Greece, made it a crossroad of peoples and civilizations, which left their imprints on the area.

The prefecture of Karditsa is ideal for those of us who avoid crowds and organised tourism and seek unexpected and beautiful places to enjoy a quiet vacation.

In the prefecture of Karditsa you can admire many important archaeological findings indicating that the area has been inhabited since the Neolithic era. The plethora of monasteries with rare icons and magnificent chancel screens introduce the visitor to the rich history of the area.
Limni Plastira
Limni Plastira

The lake of Plastiras is the ornament of the mountain range of Agrafa. It offers an exciting and magic setting embraced by high and verdant green mountains. The area is considered a "paradise" for nature lovers, offering many types of alternative tourism, including hiking, fishing, walks in the forest, swimming and hunting. Without any doubt this unique experience will satisfy every visitor.

The seat of the prefecture, the city of Karditsa, is built on the banks of a tributary of Pinios river and it is an important administrative, financial and cultural centre with lively commercial life.

The spacious squares, the pedestrian roads, the small pine-tree groves and the various species of plants among old and new buildings, all offer a unique atmosphere and image to the city.

Limni Plastira

The archways on one side of the large square are impressive. The large Pafsilipo Park with its verdant vegetation is the lung of the city. In this park there are tall tress, pools with goldfish, impressive peacocks and a playground for kids.

Visit the metropolitan church of Agios Konstantinos (St. Constantine) and the church of Zoodochos Pigi (Fountain of Life) with the beautiful wood-carved chancel screen, both built in the 19th century, as well as the important collection of the Folk art club "Karagouna" with local traditional costumes and pieces of traditional jewellery and embroidery.

Other areas of the prefecture with points of interest and archaeological sites are: Kanalia, Messenikolas, Neraida, Rentina, Sofades.

Karditsa is famous for its "tsipouro" (distilled alcoholic drink). Do not miss the opportunity to taste local tsipouro in one of the little shops of the city.


How you can get there


By bus: Intercity buses depart daily from Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra and Korinthos to Karditsa.

By car: In order to go to Karditsa by car

From Athens the distance is 305 km
From Thessalonica the distance is 212 km
From Patras the distance is 366 km
From Korintos the distance is 345 km

By train: There are time-tables from Athens with Palaiofarsallo station connection.
USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS (Calling code for Greece 0030)
Karditsa Municipality 24410 71514
Karditsa Hospital
24410 40811-9
Karditsa Police Station 24410 21502
Karditsa Tourist Police 24410 21534
Karditsa Traffic Police 24410 21366
Karditsa Bus Station 24410 21411
Karditsa Railway Station 24410 21402
Karditsa Taxi 24410 73001 – 3
Palama Municipal Library 24440 22941